Born in 1974 and father of Isaac y Julia, my strategic partners, who together with Maria they are the three legs of my personal and professional chair. Without them and the lack of sleep hours it would not have been possible to take on all the work done over the years.

Because with 38 years life took a turn and I became -and the ...! - in entrepreneur. A reality that has been possible thanks to finding professionals with open minds and generous hearts, hours of training outside the classroom, not stretching the arm more than the sleeve, in a job well done, gaining the trust of the customers and luck too.

There are many factors that can be evaluated and this luck of being in the right place at the right time. It has happened to me more than once and I can affirm that it is so. But you must have made your way to be there.

Before this freelance professional stage (the longest in any previous company, my work life says so), there are other moments lived and they are key to getting here.

Throughout my university study period, I worked summers, weekends and holidays at a gas station. At the end of my studies, I spent two years in one of the pioneering entrepreneurship projects of the University of Barcelona, ​​the quasiempresas project (almost companies). Later he entered the professional world for what he had studied and for 10 years I worked as a professional geologist in small companies with young managers, where they learned to do everything.

On January 31, 2012, my boss, owner of the family business in the construction sector and in the midst of a crisis, told me that he could not take it anymore and that same afternoon he fired all the department heads. It was the end of an announced death, the company had been hanging by a thread for some years and there were many of us who endured until the end.

Thirty-eight years, two children, a mortgage and two options: go to another country to continue practicing or start here from scratch. The second option is the one that wins because with less than two months, on March 5, 2012, I was already introduced in this new sector, as a trainee, with a precarious part-time salary and in Barcelona, ​​but it was a beginning and I had it to take advantage of.

These years of solo project I have recovered tasks and knowledge from all the previous stages, from recycling office automation knowledge to establishing business relationships, all of them worked in other extraordinary and intense professional moments. Everything works, everything adds up.

The dimension of personal-professional projects is so beast that anyone should try it for at least two years of their professional life. The exploration of oneself in the fields that affect the promotion, organization or production of a small business has been incomparable to any of the previous professional stages.

Meeting and working with other professionals is exciting. Different professional profiles that complement each other for a common digital project. This is a small sample of what we find today: the multidisciplinarity of a project executed by specialists in each of their respective areas.

The small ones (read autonomous), can carry out the tasks of large corporations because the tools with which we can work are available to each other. Detecting where to find the information is the key to offering a differential fact to your client. If we add to this the greater reaction capacity of a small structure connected to other small structures, the result is that the small fish has the ability to make the big fish dizzy.

  • Graduate in Geology (University of Barcelona, 1999).
  • Postgraduate, Internet Marketing and e-commerce (UOC.
  • Master in Digital Analytics and Conversion Optimization (IEBS.

The ease of editing and programming that occurs around 2004 with blogs and later with social networks, accompanied by curiosity and self-taught training, results in the creation and organization of a personal digital trajectory.

Co-promoter and co-organizer of the Llopasfera. What began with a dinner in December 2007 with 7 participants has become an event that has brought together more than 100 people with interest and curiosity to meet, listen and participate in a techno-pedagogical conference where the selected speakers, Starting from a common theme, they present their projects in a plain, direct and understandable language for the average user.

Since 2012 professionally dedicated to accompanying small and medium-sized businesses, local businesses and public administration in the digital transformation.

The quality of service and proximity to the customer have been two pillars of business growth.

110 clients from different sectors (hospitality, retail, local commerce, public administration, education, industry, leisure, telecommunications ...) have trusted my services.

As a freelance professional, I have executed projects where I have developed:

  • Webs and ecommerce in Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify.
  • Online advertising campaigns on platforms Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads.
  • SEO: audits, implementation of improvements and training.
  • SEM and PPC: organization, optimization and training.
  • Analysis of the digital strategy.
  • Online content, management of social profiles, community management.
  • Heatmap analysis.
  • Creation and implementation of autoresponders in email marketing tools.
  • Digital automations with productivity tools (Zapier, Calendly, Direct Invoice, Holded, etc.).
  • Optimization and improvement of the performance of online spaces by the affiliate program of Amazon y Google Adsense.
  • Experience in the total management of an ecommerce: from the provider to the logistics through the design and organization of the online sales platform (WooCommerce, Shopify).
  • Consulting and advice for companies and digital projects of entrepreneurs.

I have launched digital projects from different platforms:

  • Social Marketing JV (2013) Digital communication services and online marketing, with which I collaborate with other prominent professionals in the sector such as Txell Costa ® Group, Eleven, Pymelegal ...
  • dance socks bcn (2016) is an ecommerce of technical socks for dancers. A project aimed at solving a family need, my children are dancers and we detected a need for dance professionals: technical socks to dance contemporary dance. The solution was to design our own socks and manufacture them in Pineda de Mar with the aim of distributing them throughout the world. We have a logistics capacity to ship to 76 countries. We currently have clients in the US, UK, Germany, Greece or Australia.
  • Spora Marketing (2019) is an ecommerce where you can buy online courses to grow a project on the network (in English).
  • Up the blinds (2020) was born from the commitment to help small businesses in their digital transformation, with the aim of providing solutions to merchants, shopkeepers and shopkeepers to establish their presence on the Internet.

Currently, sharing the experience of these years, spreading the mistakes and successes of the projects launched through my social profiles and focused on two services:

  1. The implementation of digital productivity tools to optimize and speed up the digital transformation of my clients.
  2. Technical consulting for companies and entrepreneurs, in order to resolve doubts or unblock the process of implementing a digital tool for your online project. For example, you want to create a lead magnet with MailChimp and you don't get it. Nothing happens, we will do it together and with an hour you have it.